Why It Takes Two to Improve Your Relationship but Only One to Fix It (Real-Life Cases Included)

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We’ve all heard how a relationship takes two to work and how much work a relationship really is in general. While it’s true that there are certainly two people in a relationship and they both need to be taking an active role in their marriage, the truth can, in fact, be stranger than fiction when you think about how these relationships seem to have survived the test of time, despite rumors of the breakup, to having broken up, and to actually getting back together – and emerging stronger than ever. The bottom line, so it seems, is it definitely takes two people to improve your relationship, but when a breakup or divorce is looming, one of the two can still work on it and repair what’s broken to repair the part of the relationship that needs to be fixed. It might be cliché but hard work does really pay off in these cases!

You don’t have to create your own music to get the love of your life back – well, you can, but not all of us are talented like Pink to do that; or buy a $4 million diamond ring… so the “Mend the Marriage” is a more than great option for people who are serious about getting their partners back. The following list contains three of my favorite Hollywood couples who had survived the hardships of marriage, become inspired, and renewed their love for one another.


Real Life Case #1: Pink (a.k.a. Alicia Moore) and Carey Hart’s Relationship

They had been married for two years before announcing the end of their marriage in 2008 due to major relationship issues at the time. They were separated for 11 months before they were able to reconcile, with Pink making the effort to get her man back and had their first baby in 2011.

To quote Pink, here’s what she said during an interview on how she got him back after many months apart:  “I had made him a photo album of all the cards he had ever given me, of all the photos of our entire relationship. I spent months on this album. On the last page, I pasted a photo of me from a really bad movie I made years ago with my neck slit and blood everywhere. Next to it I wrote, ‘This is me without you.’ On the next page, there was a picture of a baby. And I wrote: ‘The rest is unwritten.’ The divorce papers that we never signed were behind that page. I was like, ‘The rest is up to you.’ And I did all of this in his favorite bra and panties.

Real Life Case #2: Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green’s Relationship

This is one of the most controversial pairings in Hollywood since they first got together when Megan was 18 and he was 30 years old! Despite that fact, they got engaged but quit it after two years of dating, but got back together and married around a year after.


Real Life Case #3: Kobe Bryant and Vanessa Bryant’s Relationship

Getting married after two years of being together and having trouble with Kobe’s relationship issues from time to time, Vanessa has stuck it out with her man despite filing for a divorce in 2011. This doesn’t necessarily imply that everyone has to put up with it, it’s always more complicated than that. But the bottom line is, one of them has decide to fix their marriage.

These are only some of the renowned instances of couples who have real trouble in paradise and how these individuals have surpassed them by going at it alone.

As an example, in Case  #1, Pink has effectively mastered the effort required to arouse nostalgic memories in her husband’s brain. This can even be done through texting or normal conversation with that special someone and it’s termed the “Forever Phrase” in the book.

The details on cases 2 & 3 were not revealed, but I’m willing to bet one party has incorporated it to their relationship issues or marriage in some way, shape or form.

They’ve been subconsciously using the system discussed in the book to turn things around. Not everyone can go through this without some help or assistance though, so read up on “Mend the Marriage” and I promise it’s going to be worth your time since the techniques they’ve used is explained in-depth on how to improve your relationship.Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

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Annie has spent eight years in helping people recover their marriages. She specializes in one-on-one coaching but also does couples therapy from time to time. She is also a devoted mother of three kids & a loving wife to her husband, Craig, and has been happily married for 15 years.
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