Potential Obstacles: Got what it takes to fight for love?

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We’ve all been warned: “Nothing worth having ever comes easy.” How much is too much though and when is enough simply enough? Knowing this difference can spell the difference between success and waiting for a ship that’s never going to come. So, again, when is it time to love more and when is it time to let go?

Knowing When or When Not to Fight for Love

If your relationship or marriage has hit a few road blocks early on, the obvious choice is to try to fix it – this is assuming you are serious about your commitment to him or her. After all, you may very well likely be at the stage of still getting to know each other – which may take a very long time – and making adjustments in the relationship in ways that can benefit you, your partner, and your relationship. Subsequently, knowing your partner really well can work to your benefit. Not to sound too cliché but the reality is, all marriages go through bumps in the road every once in a while – yes, even good ones. Oftentimes, you or your partner would both feel like giving up because things weren’t back to normal for quite a while. And this can be really daunting, especially if the same problems or issues recur… and unfortunately, this is where most couples fail the test. Read: How Being Stubborn Can Lead to Success

Knowing When to Consider Jumping Ship

If you’re one of those people who have a “savior complex” and refusing to give up until you’ve exhausted all your resources, then you may be in the marriage for all the wrong reasons. Getting involved with someone in the hopes of “fixing” your spouse or solving his/her problems, then you may have to fight a tougher battle which may or may not lead to your desired outcome. This is also the case if there is abuse involved in your relationship. The “Mend the Marriage” book can help you recognize and deal with all these issues and how to cope and let go, if applicable, since these things rarely ever change. If you’re also constantly blaming yourself, being depressed, or worse, feeling trapped in the situation that you’re in where you’re possible going through depression, then it’s definitely time to consider letting go or at the very least, give the space you both need to make decisions from a clear head. Making big and often difficult, important, life-changing decisions is part of life. It’s human nature to think of the what-ifs: “What if I let go?” or “What if I stay?” …. and having the patience to persevere through life’s trials can be really rewarding.  However, it’s a known fact that different stuff gets in the way. Your baggage gets in the way. Your fear gets in the way. Work gets in the way. Even friends, parents, and other people get in the way. Life gets in the way. How do you deal with all this? Get a fresh perspective from someone with an unbiased view of your relationship. You see, when you seek advice from friends or relatives, chances are they’re looking out for your best interest and consequently would tell you to do what’s best for you – in which case: to leave. Remember not to let people who don’t have to suffer the consequences make the decisions for you. Take credibility. Your life is your own. Read: Traits of Couples Who are Able to Go the Distance

If coaching is not something in your list, then I suggest you at least read the book “Mend the Marriage” in order to get started in getting on the right path.Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

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Annie has spent eight years in helping people recover their marriages. She specializes in one-on-one coaching but also does couples therapy from time to time. She is also a devoted mother of three kids & a loving wife to her husband, Craig, and has been happily married for 15 years.
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