With a lot of people getting out of marriage almost as soon as they get into it, saving a relationship can almost feel beyond challenging. Check out “The Truth About Relationship Breakups and Divorce” only if you’re prepared for the truth. Whatever happens, just know that you are not alone.

Are you in one or all of the following scenario/s?

  1. You’re in the midst of a divorce.
  2. You feel a steady decline to your marriage.
  3. You can sense your spouse losing interest and/or is having an affair?

While marriage counseling takes time, money, and effort from your spouse, there are indeed alternative ways to solve your problems. You can read various self-help articles and helpful books such as “Text Your Ex Back” and “Mend the Marriage” as a guide to help you.

Research says that the common traits of couple who go the distance have integrated these traits naturally. It’s discussed in the “Mend the Marriage” and can be summed in the following:

A – Acceptance
B – Building resilience
C –  Commitment
D – Dedication

It’s not a gonna be easy, so be prepared for a long battle to consciously work at your problems. It may be really challenging, but not totally impossible. Look at these real-life examples of couples who got back together with their ex-spouses.

There is bound to be potential obstacles but if you’re stubborn enough to see this through and keep your  vows, it can actually help: Being Stubborn in Marriage Can Lead to Success



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Annie Wilson

Annie has spent eight years in helping people recover their marriages. She specializes in one-on-one coaching but also does couples therapy from time to time. She is also a devoted mother of three kids & a loving wife to her husband, Craig, and has been happily married for 15 years.